Amazing Dropping E-reader Costs!

Flipping through the sale ads in today's newspaper, I was a bit stunned. Basic e-readers are getting cheaper every week. Well, I haven't looked in a few. But today, you can buy a basic Kindle for $39.99 (with special offers--i.e. by purchasing a Kindle Fire at $199.99). WOW! Do you have someone you'd like to buy a gift for? Maybe a teen? Mother's Day is May 13th. This is a deal!!! Heck, my basic Kindle was at least $99. I get the feeling it was more...

And the Nook Simple Touch is $79.99 at a few different stores today. I'm looking at the Best Buy ad with both e-readers at these low prices. ;P Some people are probably saying they can just read a story on their phones. Well, I want my gizmos!

And don't worry about expensive cover costs. The Nook Simple Touch Reader B&N Quote Covers are $14.99 at Best Buy too! It looks like a good day to knock out some Mother's Day shopping. Swing by Best Buy. ~Skhye


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  • 4/29/2012 1:44 PM Kayelle Allen wrote:
    I got a Kindle basic yesterday and love it. Clearest screen ever. It's easier to read than a print book, and I can adjust the font size!

    ***Yeah, Kayelle! I hope you bought a cover with a built-in book light. I HATED my Sony e-reader and first Nook (basic) because they didn't have one. So, I made certain to buy a cover with a built-in light for my Kindle! ;P Now, I can play scrabble anywhere. Yes, I play scrabble more than anything. And does anyone EVER get good letters on that game? I swear ALL I get are E, I, and L. I know the game was PROGRAMMED to do that. It's very annoying!!! ~Skhye

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  • 4/30/2012 6:45 AM Savannah Chase wrote:
    With all the different devices out there everyone is trying to sell their own and the prices will continue to fall. It just means more people will be able to afford it and will be reading ebooks. Even my folks were mentioning that they want one and these are people who are not into computers and such but found it interesting that they can read books on a device like that.

    ***So true, Savannah! I tried to hold back and wait for a really good deal on a Kindle. But I'm not patient when it comes to possessing gizmos! LOL ~Skhye

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