Fuel for the HOT SUMMER NIGHTS H@palong!


Weeeeell, if you're looking for something to read this sweltering summer, how about some werewolves? I'm giving away a sweet little tale with one HOT werewolf. Um, but be warned! The heroine has sex with the hero in his Wolfskin. So, if that's too hot in the kitchen for you, 
the blog-hop master stop list is only a refreshing hop away. ;P 
(Thank you, Bona Fide Reflections & Book Nympho, for throwing this party!)

But you're curious...

Yes. I would be.

Like who wouldn't read that warning and not continue reading? Nobody's watching, right?

Bwa ha haaaaaa

I don't want to ruin the story by posting one of its sex-scene excerpts because my favorite sex scene ever is in BIG BAD BEAST. Instead, I'll divert traffic for a quick "taste" of sex in the Werescape. So, do be careful if you're afraid of getting singed. And get ready to get your feet wet...or something while you dabble in the Werescape with this tasty excerpt
But pop back over ASAP  to enter to win BIG BAD BEAST.

How to win a Kindle or Nook version of BIG BAD BEAST

(Sorry for the wee version from Amazon. 
My computer or blog isn't cooperating to use the bigger purty one!!!)

I'm attempting to release BIG BAD BEAST in e-pub and pdf format at All Romance Ebooks, but life isn't working in my favor the first half of this year. As I have said over and over (Skhye-the-broken-record *who just dated herself*) I'm in the process of moving to Australia from yeehaw Texas. So, I have been a little distracted lately. But I'm trying to get this derailed train back on the track! For now, I hope a good-length novella will work for you in Nook or Kindle format. My final reader said DO NOT CHANGE ONE THING--only the couple typos. So, I feel safe awarding this novella as a prize and hope you won't mind reading it on a device with Nook or Kindle software.

1. Subscribe to this blog. Only subscribers who enter have their names thrown in the pot. I have chronic health problems and having you lurking to hear the name of the winner helps me because we are both then working to connect through emails. And I'm more likely to get your prize to you--unlike others in the past.

2. Please tell me in a comment to this blog-hop post what you must have in a sex scene to make it HOT for you. Really, you're here because you read hot romance (hence the HOT in the summer nights part of this blog-hop title). So, share what makes you all hot and bothered! Hey, my heroines manage to stay that way when rubbing up to wiry werewolf hair! Anything's game. So spill the beans by midnight CST July 22, 2012. And remember, all's fair in love and entering blog hops! Be honest. ;P

3. I'll post the winner shortly after the deadline. If, by some horrid chance, I'm unable to get online immediately, please know I'm having an unyielding panic attack and will post the winner's name ASAP. The prize will be gifted to the winner through B&N or Amazon.

And I have 99-cent as well as $2.99 novels and novellas you can read if you just need something to stoke your fire!

on Nook or Kindle 

Please have fun at the hop and GOOD LUCK! 
It officially begins July 18TH! 


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  • 7/16/2012 7:59 PM Yadira A wrote:
    Actually I really like when the guy talks dirty to his woman while they're having sex For me there is nothing that gets me hotter than hearing them say out loud how turned on they are


    ***Honestly, I never noticed if dirty talk affects me when I read. Hmmm. It must not! But I will have to pay closer attention to sex scenes now just to see! Thanks for stopping by! ~Skhye
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  • 7/17/2012 5:43 AM Lynn A Reynolds wrote:
    What makes a sex scene hot for me is that it doesn't seem forced. Some authors, it seems, put in a sex scene just for the sake of having one. I love it when both characters are into each other and want nothing more than to please the other. Plus I love it when the author leaves just a little out. I love to have my imagination teased.

    Loved your post. Hope you enjoy your time in Australia.

    ***I'm loving Australia! I will have to post a blog post with pictures, etc. as soon as we get permanently settled.

    I'm with you on the logic in the order of things leading to consummation (the hotter the better) of various stages of a relationship. Note, I didn't say just that one stop on the romantic growth ladder. LOL But if it works, it works, right? I always love finding a story where the author made it work (didn't force the sex scene) early! Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye

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  • 7/18/2012 7:18 AM Carin W wrote:
    I follow you with email mawmom(at)gmail(dot)com

    I think the build up is the most important thing to making a sex scene hot. If there is no sexual tension then its sex without forplay it can be hot but usally it's not :O) Carin

    ***I'm with you, Carin. Everything must make sense--the reason my stories aren't just one sex scene after another...The sexual tension is what makes the emotions rocket for reader and characters. ;P But HOT is definitely essential. Thanks for stopping by! ~Skhye
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  • 7/19/2012 12:18 PM Anne wrote:
    The most important thing is that I have to like both the characters and there has to be good lead up to the sex scene.

    If this book has your favorite sex scene ever if incredibly curious and maybe a touch wary. What they actually do in the scene can really vary for me. Some words really turn me off though like "slit" and "poke" both used and hated by me in The Seduction of Phaeton Black.

    subsciber acm05atjuno.com

    ***Hi, Anne! I think most of us are on the same page. We don't care for contrived sex scenes. As for my "favorite" sex scene ever...I should have been more detailed, but I don't want to reveal anything about the scene so it'll be a surprise! It wasn't easy leading up to that particular sex scene. Both characters can't stand being in the same room with each other. I had to work work work in their heads. Oy! And then the hero can't control his Wolf. [I just have way too much fun torturing the heroes in my series with their Wolves catching the scent of a woman they want. *evil cackle*] But, fyi, I don't think I have ever used the terms "slit" or "poke" in a sex scene. Now, I do use "cock" because there was no way around it. *sigh* But I don't like terms that denigrate the act/heroine. Unless of course, the source of said terms are uttered by a villain--not the hero. I'll use them then. But not in my sex scenes. I hope that nips your wariness in the bud. Thanks for stopping by! ~Skhye
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  • 7/19/2012 3:47 PM Renee B wrote:
    I have to have the sexual tension between the characters heat up to make it heat me up. <^_^>
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.
    reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Long time subscriber. Love your work.

    ***You're welcome. And THANK YOU! There's a shocking sex scenes thread over in the Kindle chatter at Amazon. I find almost everyone says they need the build up to the big ta-da! So we all want a real story. Not just erotica. ;P  Although, I think the shocking sex scenes might refer to other needs. LOL I just dropped in to find out what they were referring to and found myself dropping points about stories that fit the bill. ;P Yes, you're saying yeah yeah. But I don't think I write true erotica--maybe a shocking sex scene or two. But I only think that because of what reviewers say! Truly, I don't think artists (writers) should analyze their own work...The group will assess your work. I'm just trying to avoid wayward rotten cabbages. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by! ~Skhye

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  • 7/19/2012 7:26 PM desiree wrote:
    wel at least on hot man and then it could be more than one ff mm or both and then you have to in joy the sex and toys they have to some sort of kind

    ***Definitely. I can't imagine a story without a hot hero! What kind of fantasy would that be? ;P Don't you love fiction? Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye
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  • 7/19/2012 9:03 PM Rhonda D wrote:
    I am subscribed to the blog.
    What I must have in my sex scenes, steamy hot chemistry!

    ***That's the way it should be phrased: steamy hot chemistry! Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye
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  • 7/20/2012 11:13 PM Christine S wrote:
    Must definitely have loads of sexual tension and foreplay. I want the characters totally consumed with each other.

    ***ME TOO! Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye
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  • 7/21/2012 8:39 PM Susan W wrote:
    I really like the build up before the main event. The heated stares, sliding touches in public places, lots of sexual tension to get them hot and bothered. Make them work for it!

    ***Ooo, yes, public stuff. LOL Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye
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  • 7/22/2012 6:50 PM wanda flanagan wrote:
    For me the build up is the most important things .I need to feel that they are connected .
    I follow via rss

    ***I think it's a general concensus on the build up of the internal fire. Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye
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  • 7/22/2012 8:26 PM Janna Shay wrote:
    What makes a sex scene hot for the hero to really want the heroine. There has to be tension and a build up before culmination.

    ***I agree! Thanks for stopping by. ~Skhye
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  • 7/23/2012 11:15 PM Skhye wrote:
    Congrats, Carin W.!!! You won! I'm sorry everyone. I couldn't get online to announce the winner or approve the latest comments/entries. But I finally got on! Whew!

    Carin, please e-mail me from your end at skhye@skhyemoncrief.com and I will do so from my end. One of us should be successful in contacting the other.

    Thanks to everyone for participating. IT's good to see everyone appreciates solid romance whether it's spicy or nuclear hot. STay tuned for more contests. They're right around the corner. ~Skhye

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