Skhye Moncrief's NEW RELEASES!

It's New Release Day!!! 

2 Time Guardian tales are available and...a little Greek mythology!

Into  Greek mythology and muses? Here's book 1 in a series of 9 romance stories. The other books in the series are listed below in case you're ready for a whole lot of fun with Greek goddesses! Each goddess was required to have a romance or inspire one...for this previously-published series (a series created by a Senior Paranormal Romance editor at Wild Rose Press). If you haven't read the series, here are quite a few inexpensive stories for you!!!

ANCIENT MUSINGS: 99 cents on Kindle & Nook!

One's darkness proves the other's light.

Bored with her muse duties and unable to face immortality another day, Calliope, the muse of writing and epic poetry, asks Zeus to end her eternal existence. Zeus sends her to Hades instead. Deep down in the underworld lies a pool from which all life springs. If Calliope can find it, she can request death of Gaia at Gaia's pool.

Deceased 20th-century archaeologist's psyche, Jake Genoese, comes to her aid. More from the fact he's riding her coattails. He's embarking on a journey to whatever lies beyond the River Acheron--early. He wasn't buried with an obol to expedite his trip to the afterlife. So, he "borrows" Calliope's. Guilt from the orment his actions cause her helps him see beyond his soul's reality of using the beautiful goddess.

Oh, to live and never know you've lived...In the end, Jake and Calliope bless the song of the Sacred Hours for love, lust, and passion brought to fruition by an adventure inspired by ANCIENT MUSINGS.

Genre: fantasy & paranormal romance
Heat Level: spicy
Length: novella (29,700 words; 120 pages if released in print) 

Other titles in the series... (links are to Amazon)
HIGHLAND MUSE: 99 cents on Kindle & Nook
DESTINY'S LIGHT: $1.99 on Kindle & Nook
THE HOUR GLASS WITCH: $2.99 on Kindle & Nook
DANCING WITH FATE: $5.50 in print at Amazon
THE BRIGHTEST HEAVEN: $2.99 on Kindle & Nook
NO FUNNY STUFF: $2.99 on Kindle & Nook
***The other 2 stories aren't available individually at this time. However, they can be purchased in the used paperback version under the titles SONG OF THE MUSES (books 1-3, each contain 3 romantic tales).

NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE: 99 cents on Kindle & Nook!

A Time Guardian Halloween tale...

A demon stalks Druidess Aron MacKintosh, trying to use her to gain control of the timeline in present-day Scotland. Time plows toward Samhain when the doorways open between the Now and the Happy Otherworld. She fins herself in a strange alliance with an unusual Time Guardian, Cowboy. The duo struggles to defeat the demon. If Cowboy can't earn her trust, the integrity of the timeline could be endangered. Only Cowboy's charm and southern idea of chivalry has what it takes to leave an ancient evil bound NAKED ON THE STAIRCASE.

Genre: Paranormal & Fantasy romance 
Heat Level: spicy
Length: novel (51K words; 204 pages if released in print)

THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON: 99 cents on Kindle & Nook!

One must die so the other can live...

A werewolf and a time-traveler's carnal attraction becomes a curse when she arrives in medieval England to kill him for turning against his time-travel brotherhood.

He must guard a relic. She doesn't care if she gets in his way.

Druid Elspeth is a were-assassin sent to Cumberland to kill a renegade Time Guardian. She never expected to find him her soul mate. All she knows is she must stop Aidan Gordon from changing history. The sexy powerful knight proves too tempting to refuse. If his noble actions convince her he was wrongly accused, she will be forced to haunt the frenzied wood under THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON.

Genre: Paranormal/fantasy romance
Heat Level: Spicy
Length: novella (+17K words; 70 pages if released in print)



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