Alpha Males 101: Skhye Moncrief Style

Welcome to ALPHA MALES 101 where I help those who need to sort out the definition of an alpha male using concepts and visual aids! Now this IS a blog hop!!! Don't you agree? Here's a blog hop with 231 alpha-male prizes to grab at individual blogs and 3 grand prizes! So, don't sit around all submissive (*snort*). It's time to get hopping!

Before I begin, please thank Carrie Ann Ryan for orchestrating the perfect blog hop! And check the Master List for the locations of all 231 participating blogs.

The 3 Grand Prizes:
1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: An ENORMOUS Swag Pack of everything including a pile of paperbacks!

So, you love the alpha male any way you can get him?


I can think of 3 solid reasons...

#1 He doesn't give a shit about ripping his clothes. (Excuse my French!)

#2  He'd never think twice about who goes first into the basement once the door is opened. Step aside.

#3 He knows how to get THE JOB done. Which job, you ask...Allow me to wave away the murky veil of fog so the picture materializes in your mind. *wink*

So, there is no Part 2...EVER.

Seriously, I write alpha males in: 

  1. history (Time Guardians, i.e. time travel: 99-cent novels and novellas on Kindle & Nook)
  2. in the near future (Werescape post-apocalyptics: most $2.99 on Kindle & Nook)
  3. in space (Feral Series: cyborg, psychics, and alien versions on Kindle & Nook)

But alpha heroes always seem to hit me hard in one form...

Skhye's Ultimate Alpha Male (from the Werescape) 

*clears throat

He's supposed to look scary. That's how he gets the job done! But note the whole package...It's his expression that terrifies while the muscle backs his expression and inspire. And, hey, you can lead him around by those wee rings... *wink* Trust me. He LIKES it. 

So, here are some pictures of alpha heroes from my tales...

The pictures are my trading cards. (I don't have them on hand so can't vouch for what I can mail the winner).  But I'll send some trading cards and 2 ebooks to one lucky winner.


A Kindle or Nook version of Werescape: SEDUCING BEAUTY & THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON and a few trading cards (mailed separately).


I'm always sharking for knew alpha-male images. ;P Isn't everyone? So, here's how you enter to win my contest...

1. Please subscribe to this blog so I can find you if you win. I have chronic health problems and find hunting winners down extremely torturous. Spam filters intervene and often my emails never reach winners. If you win and subscribe here, you will receive an update on this post announcing the winner. So, we will both be working to contact one another. ;P I randomly choose winners. But if the person who wins isn't subscribed (I always check this), I draw a different name. Sorry, it's rule #1.

2. THE FUN PART: Post a link to the image of the hottest alpha male you can find online. Yes, YOU FIND THE PHOTO, COPY THE URL, & POST IT HERE AS A COMMENT. You have until midnight CST, Oct 22nd (USA time) to post a contest entry. 

***Note: Kindle and Nook software are both FREE downloads that work on most handheld electronic devices. 

I'll post the winner ASAP so both of us can contact one another. 

So, HAPPY HOPPING! I'm certain everyone's blood pressure will be with all the alpha-male eye candy getting that adrenaline pumping. ~Skhye


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