Cyber Ops SLIPSTREAM Book Tour: Stops & the Booty!

My new release is going on tour starting today!!! Here's the schedule and other information...

"Hot, Sexy, Menage. The one-liners in this story had me laughing out loud." ~Holly; Holly's Tasty Reviews

Cyber Ops: SLIPSTREAM... 
Where duty proves one hell of a four letter word!
(a full-length erotic futuristic romance novel)

$2.99 on KINDLE & NOOK;   Read Chapter 1


So what's the dirt on the book tour? You get to read up on the who, what, when, where, how, and why of SLIPSTREAM, and you can enter to win a $50 gift card (Kindle, Nook, or ARE) by joining in the blog-tour fun. The more stops where you take a moment to enter, the more likely you are to win! 

Congratulations, Dr. Charlotte Barley! You won a one-way ticket to Diablo’s Shithole!

Yes, Dr. Barley, you saved earth from humanity’s extinction brought on by overpopulation, discovered wormholes, and gave humanity a new lease on life. But, you’re being hunted by someone using a wormhole device you can’t fathom, plagued by a type of sleepwalking that involves reliving your alien sexual experiences gleaned from wormhole journeys, and, yes, we see that you can’t deal with your murdered bodyguards—mercenary Space Marines forced to anchor your body to a bed at night by acting out the sex memories haunting your REM cycle. Get over it already because there’s nowhere left to hide except Diablo’s Shithole…And the shit is about to hit Diablo’s fan more than you could ever imagine…Because, deep down inside, you know you’re into all that kinky sex.

So, who will the next victim be? Is tall, long, and corded astrophysicist Major Fitzroy capable of dancing with death to save your ass, or are you willing to sacrifice hotter-than-sin muscle-bound explosives fanatic Corporal Laurel? Just don’t let their nuts rub together. And you know your alien-infested sexual dreams are a huge turn on for you. Just face the music, honey. Can your bodyguards fulfill the sexual fantasy of the king of all alien kings and his troop of humping brothers until the truth is exposed to save your ass?

So, Dr. Barley, you slut, ready for another slide down a slippery wormhole to Diablo’s Shithole? It looks like a lot of fun. And more than those feet are going to get wet in the SLIPSTREAM.

Warning: Reader should be prepared for a heroine who curses like a sailor and knows she's a slut, Space Marines with sex on the brain, a Corporal with a clit fetish, aliens who bite and harvest things best left hush hush, as well as a little human m/f/m, even more alien m/f/m/m/m/m, and a plenty m/f in a plot heavily laden with reproduction and sexual gratification. Finally, this story proves one universal constant: it never hurts to drop the soap

So, join me & let's talk about the slippery path taken once caught up in the SLIPSTREAM. ~Skhye


March 4-- Futuristic sex? How is it different?

March 5 

March 6

March 7

March 8-- Sex in the Future

March 9-- Let's Get Kinky

March 11 

March 13 

March 14

March 15-- Naughty Nook Feature in...

March 16

March 18--  10 Skhye Quirks & Review
at Urban Girl Reader

March 19-- Top 12 Reasons Skhye Writes About Aliens & Review

March 22-- Sex Scenes in Erotica

March 28 

March 29
April 1

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  • 3/9/2013 9:02 PM ELF wrote:
    Sounds like a gritty and imaginative story! Good luck on the release.

    ***Thanks! My internet has been SLOW on the loading to the point I lose my mind waiting to move from page to page. So, I'm only now able to check in here without pulling out my hair! But I do appreciate the feedback and good wishes! ~Skhye

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  • 3/10/2013 2:14 AM antane wrote:
    This blurb seems pretty irreverent and I enjoy that!

    ***Well, my critique partner made me do it! LOL ~Skhye

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  • 3/18/2013 9:01 PM Daniel M wrote:
    great blurb love scifi! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

    ***Thanks! ~Skhye

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